functional Limitations - Recognitron - System of recognition of registration automobile licence plates

The short help information on functionality and requirements to the software and means of system of definition of automobile numbers "Recognitron"

Functional Limitations



The probability of recognition of license plates clean (which meet the requirements of the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic and GOST 50577-93, GOST 3207-77)


The ability to recognize in real traffic flow


The maximum speed limit of the car in a controlled area

~150 km / h at the camera frame rate of at least 60 frames per second

The size of the plate in the frame

character height - 12-24 pixels;

width of the plate - 72-144 pixels

Lighting in the license plate (if using additional light sources)

not less than 50 lux

The angle of camera:



to 30°

to 30°

The angle of the car number in frame

no more


Permissible distance between cars

3 m

(with camera angle in the vertical -30 °)

Permissible distance between trucks

7 m

(with camera angle in the vertical -30 °)