Functionality, Scope, Technical characteristics - Recognitron - System of recognition of registration automobile licence plates

The short help information on functionality and requirements to the software and means of system of definition of automobile numbers "Recognitron"
Appointment system:
The system is designed to detect vehicle license registration of motor vehicles to travel znakov.Kontrol anadromous and parking

Recognitron - Plate recognition system.

System "Recognitron" - software package that provides recognition of numbers of moving vehicles, working reliably in a wide range of external conditions, easily-integrated security equipment, actuators and external databases. Effective for solving problems of registration, identification and security vehicles, control traffic flow.

Software Recognitron intended to get data from surveillance cameras (web-camera) or from video files, license plate recognition vehicle and, if necessary, transfer of information to external systems (databases). It can be used as a standalone application or integrated with other established security complex.

The program includes the following features:

  • playback and processing of data from video cameras or video;
  • detection and extraction of an image with license plate;
  • extraction and character recognition on the resulting fragment of the image;
  • forming a database query based on the recognized number;
  • entry of information related to the number in the database.


 Car parks and parking lots  
System "Recognitron" provides a number of advantages for the organization of the parking lot: use it to make the process of registration of the facts of entry and exit vehicle fully automatic, eliminating the need to design parking tickets, eliminating fraud and increasing staff efficiency and service quality, and most importantly ensure safety vehicles.
Integration "Recognitron" with automatic calculations, automatic gates, barriers, other necessary technical equipment - additional assurance of safety of cars, to protect their owners, ease of use of staff parking.

Industrial enterprises
In any enterprise acute problem of control entries and exits from its territory, each industrial facility - it is always a large number of vehicles sostredotochenie.
System "Recognitron" integrated into a single system will provide enterprise security to prevent unauthorized travel to the objects, control the import and export of goods, their correspondence to the accompanying documentation, will organize a differentiated entry. Extensive integration capabilities and build on the license plate recognition systems, geographically distributed solutions, reliable operation in all environmental conditions allow to use it on objects of different size and industry sector, taking into account the characteristics of their activities.

Traffic police
Ensuring road safety, traffic police services solve a number of specific problems. Their successful implementation depends largely on the use of new high-tech solution: "Recognitron" is the basis for organizing the post of DPS. Plate recognition system based on fixed or potrativnogo computer installed in the patrol car to automatically monitor traffic flow, identifying the car in it with certain numbers (for example, the base of stolen cars), notifying the operator to form their own, and working with external databases.

Municipal government
The use of "Recognitron" important for the organization of differentiated entry to certain areas of the city - center, operating and specially protected objects, as well as introducing a system of paid use of whole sections of roads and highways. Using the module will eliminate the need for special equipment and maintenance of checkpoints, barriers. They lack, but reducing the financial costs of education will get rid of the queues to enter the city center, the "toll roads" eliminate fraud with passes, entrance stamp. Constant video surveillance over the movement of transport within the controlled area to ensure the registration of any violation of the rules of entry.


Recognition of the vehicle registration number:

  • Recognition of numbers moving at speeds up to 150km / h Car
  • High-quality recognition in various lighting conditions: daytime and nighttime

Formation of a database preserving the information about time, date, the recognized license plate number:

  • Using the Access database engine allows the flexibility to build on the platform of the system «Recognitron» any database.
  • Database size limited by HDD

Providing information retrieval in the database:

  • Developed guidelines provide an efficient storage and fast search of information.

The comparison will recognize a number of information databases (own or external):

  • Specially designed technology provides a high percentage of recognition, an instant comparison with database information, the possibility of simultaneous processing of multiple registration numbers of vehicles.

The advantages of the technical implementation of the system «Recognitron»

In addition to features that ensure the successful resolution of a wide range of tasks, the system provides numerous advantages for the implementation of projects at different sites based on their size and configuration of an already established set of hardware and software, the customer's requirements.

Automating processes and accounting controls of vehicles, manufacturing operations, reporting

  • Integration into a comprehensive security system or a unified system of factory automation, configuration scripts to interact with the components on the results of recognition or comparison with the vehicle number information from the database.
  • Generate reports based on information retrieval.
  • Identification of vehicles without license plates displaying the corresponding entry in the record of events on the screen. This feature is important to use the system «Recognitron» car parks and parking lots, at checkpoints enterprises where there may be cases of entry of cars without license plates.
  • Using the system to automatically detect violations of traffic regulations. As a result, it is possible to create on the roads, interchanges, bridges and tunnels, integrated solution for monitoring compliance with traffic regulations of the Russian Federation, compiling statistical reports on traffic flow parameters.


Specifications of the program are given in the certificate of program Technical characteristics