Requirements to a database - Recognitron - System of recognition of registration automobile licence plates

The short help information on functionality and requirements to the software and means of system of definition of automobile numbers "Recognitron"
The short help information

Requirements to a database

The program works with database СУБД Microsoft Access located in file AutoData.mdb. The base consists of two tables: Данные_об_автомобилях - in which there are data about cars and their owners.


Database-Systems of definition of numbers of motor transport


In the course of work by means of SQL-inquiry from the table the line with necessary number gets out, to it flowing date and time are added, and these data are brought in the second table of a database - table Авто_Контроль1.


System of definition of numbers of motor transport


If number is not present in the first table - in the second number both flowing date and time are brought only.


PS: In the second table before the work beginning should there are six empty records (lines)!